Youth sports hostility continues in Simpson County

FRANKLIN, Ky. – Recently, you may have become aware of incidents involving youth sports games at Warren County parks.

“We did have an incident at Michael Buchanan Gym. The incident was responded to by local law enforcement. The outcome of that was unfortunate. We ended up having to cancel a tournament just because of the nature of what happened that did involve a weapon. We don’t have any tolerance for that,” Chris Kummer, Warren County Parks & Recreation Director says.

In Simpson County, the Parks and Rec Department has had their fair share of similar situations.

“Most of it is just the overexcitement of people getting caught up in the game and not agreeing with possible calls that an umpire may have made or not agreeing with a technique that a coach is using for teaching their child,” Lisa Deavers, Franklin Simpson Parks & Recreation Director says.

One of their main policies is followed by all parents who wish to sign their child up for sports.

“We do have a code of ethics in place that’s required by our parents, our coaches, our umpires, even our dugout parents, anyone that’s going to be within the confines of that ball field are required to fill out that code of ethics,” Deavers says.

However, the best solution is to simply stay calm and follow the park rules.

“Remember the reason you’re there. This is recreational ball. We’re there so that the community has a place for their children to learn to play ball. Everyone involved with those leagues is a volunteer. None of them are getting paid. When you bring your child to a ball game or have them involved with one of our teams, be there and be supportive of that player, the other players on the team, the other teams and your coaches,” Deavers says.