“You Don’t Belong Here” – Kicked Out For Being Gay?

(WMC) The University of Memphis is investigating an incident off campus where students claim they were verbally attacked with homophobic slurs.

“We were just wanting to have a night out for fun,” said student Benjamin Buckley.

“He’s like, we’re being kicked out because we’re gay. I wasn’t sure if I should believe him, like is this some sort of joke,” said Luke Chapman.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t a joke.

Buckley and Chapman say they went to a party with some friends at an off-campus house on Marion Avenue, hosted by a fraternity.

While enjoying the party, they say several male students forcibly kicked them out of the house, pushing them into the rain because they are gay.

“When he chucked us out it was something along the lines of, ‘you don’t belong here f*****,'” said Chapman.

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