Yard signs aren’t just for politics anymore

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- Yard signs are a symbol of people’s beliefs.

Just ask Bowling Green resident Dale Cossey who is showing support in his front yard with a sign for Amy McGrath.

“You need to show your support for your candidate. You might influence somebody to vote for her,” said Cossey. 

But with less than three months to go before election day, it seems there are far fewer political signs around Bowling Green neighborhoods than in years past as some people now use yard signs to instead to show their support for an ideology, a school or many other things.

“People are using them for a broader variety of reasons. Some of them it’s a message of who they are, or what they value or their identity. Or sometimes they’re just support, you know some local high schools have had yard signs over the past couple of years,” said Western Kentucky University political science professor Scott Lasley. 

What you do notice now are plenty of yard signs recognizing WKU athletics, churches, kids playing and different ideas and movements, like for Black Lives Matter. 

Signature Signs and Ad Specialities owner David Holland says they haven’t had too many requests for political signs just yet. He says it’s still too early.

“Your neighbor may be undecided and if they see who you’re supporting, they may help swing your vote you know and that’s something you’re not gonna see in the newspaper or on TV,” said Holland. 

And as signs have been around for quite some time, Lasley thinks people will continue to see them. 

“So they’ve been around for almost 200 years, they’re gonna probably be around even longer” said Lasley.  

It’s a sign of things to come.