Xposed Media offers to redo school photos for free after parents didn’t receive them

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Some parents have not received their photos from last school year, and one local photographer is going to make it up to them.

Xposed Media is offering the chance to redo these photos absolutely free.

Several parents claim they never received their child’s photos from Graham Photography last year. That company has since gone out of business.

If you have not received your pictures from Graham, Xposed wants to make you and your child smile in more ways than one.

“Although it’s not my responsibility, I feel like as a fellow photographer who loves not only his community, but also loves taking pictures of the kids and being able to do school pictures… someone had to make it right. You can always say it’s a personal responsibility or you can just choose to say, ‘I’ll take it upon myself.’ That’s what I chose to do,” owner of Xposed Media, Darian Jackson, says.

Jackson also specializes in special effects photography, which he does completely inside his camera.

To take a look at his full galleries, visit his website: xposedmedia.org. If you want to talk with Darian about doing your child’s photos, call 615-705-0675 or email him at info@xposedmedia.org.