World War II veteran bumped up waiting list to get 2022 Corvette

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – A World War II veteran received a four-wheeled revved up luxury today at the National Corvette Museum.

Bobbie Carson, an Army veteran who fought at the end of World War II in Germany was bumped to the near the front of the wait list for a brand new 2022 Corvette.

This souped-up mid-engine machine is on its way back to Georgia with Carson.

The wait list, usually a two-year long delay, was only a 30 day wait for the veteran.

After a few phone calls and explaining that time was of the essence for the 95-year-old, he was bumped up and received the 42nd 2022 Corvette ever built.

“I’ve had seven of these cars. This dwarfs every one of them. This is one of the top-rated cars in the world and there is a waitlist all over the world for this car so I’m happy to get it and they gave me a great honor to get me in position to get one,” said Carson.

Carson says this vehicle will absolutely not be sitting in his garage collecting dust.

He says this will be his daily driver and he will be selling his other car.

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