Woodburn Fire Dept. gets new thermal imager with $2,500 donation

WOODBURN, Ky.- The Woodburn Fire Department is getting a new tool that will help them continue to save lives in our community. 

The department is purchasing a 3M Scott V320 Thermal Imager. The imager helps firefighters see where heat is…whether that be a fire within a wall they can’t see, hot spots, or even victims trapped in smoke.

The imager is a standard tool that is required to be on every engine by the National Fire Protection Association.

Buying this imager was made possible by a generous donation of $2,500 from the Hunter’s Crossing Neighborhood Association. 

“It could very well help save lives, it could help us save property. It allows us to find hotspots that we might not find so we don’t have to go back for a rekindle on a fire. We can be more confident that we have everything put out,” said Woodburn Volunteer Fire Department Chief Bob Skipper. 

The Woodburn Fire Department is made up entirely of volunteers.