Woman, followed by group of men, now encouraging people to be aware of their surroundings

RUSSELLVILLE, Ky. – A Logan County woman had a harrowing experience when a group of men, acting suspicious followed her around in a store from one aisle to the next.

Imagine making a trip to the grocery store by yourself and you see a group of men staring at you by a van and then they follow you in.

Now, on higher alert, you notice the same group of men trailing you everywhere you go.

A woman who has asked to remain anonymous for her safety described just that happening to her in Russellville on Friday.

“I decided to go throughout the whole store to see if they would actually follow me, like they were actually doing it, and they did the whole store of Walmart. They were right there. I went to the aisle where the female products were and they were just like, lingering over there, and I decided that’s when I needed to tell someone and so I told one of the workers,” said the woman.

The woman said one of the men whistled at her at one point as well.

“It was like they were taunting me a little bit. They were just staring blatantly at me and just like talking around me. It just made me feel very uncomfortable and not very safe,” said the woman.

She alerted employees who told her someone else had already reported a young woman being followed by the group of men.

Employees walked her to her vehicle and told her they would alert security and law enforcement.

News 40 contacted law enforcement in the area, none had a report from the incident.

The woman advises everyone out and about alone or with small children to be very cautious at all times of your surroundings.

“I held my head high, like I did not show them that I was scared because that’s a lot of the time predators like that are looking for a vulnerable victim and it’s better to be angry than scared,” said the woman.

Missing Cunningham, the co-founder of Phoenix Rising in Bowling Green, works with victims of sex trafficking.

Cunningham says abductions do happen from time to time in similar ways, although it’s not the preferred method for most offenders.

Cunningham said, whether the group of men were innocent, planning an abduction, planning a robbery or something else, the woman did the right thing following her gut.

“It’s so important to follow your instincts you know we know when something doesn’t feel right. Whether it’s your children, whether it’s me and a group of friends or a couple of friends, especially if you’re out by yourself, don’t let them follow you to the parking lot,” said Cunningham.

Cunningham also encourages the public to always pay close attention to your surroundings, even in broad daylight.

Cunningham says if you see something suspicious, always report it to law enforcement and the business involved. Never allow yourself to get put into a bad situation because you are afraid your concerns are invalid. Trust you gut.

Representatives from Walmart declined to comment on the incident.