Woman finds old pictures in cookbook, returns to owner 20 years later

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- Robyn and Chris Filley were having a normal day, shopping for a cookbook at a thrift store. 

That’s when Robyn stumbled across old photographs in one of the books and asked if she could have them to look for the owner. 

She immediately thought to post them on social media to try to find the girl in the photos and give them back to her. 

“I was like I want to post them online and try to find the family, because pictures are just everything to people. And the little girl looked so loved, so I was like I have to find the family,” said Filley. 

Robyn posted them on her Facebook account. A day passed with no response, she thought she would never find the girl. 

But the next day she woke up to a message in her inbox. 

“I was excited. I didn’t think that I would find her,” said Filley.

Haley London, the young girl in the pictures, said the cookbook must have been her grandmother’s because her handwriting was on the back of the photos. 

“I immediately called my nana and I was like did you donate a cookbook? And she was like ‘yeah I did why?’ And I was like I’m pretty sure you left some of our pictures in there and someone found them. She just started laughing, she was like ‘there’s no way.’ And I was like no it really did happen,” said London. 

Robyn met Haley to give her back the keepsake photos. 

“I thought it was so sweet because she could’ve found them and thrown them in the trash. She didn’t have to come and find the person that they belonged to. But she was such a sweet lady. She said as soon as she found them she immediately knew that she wanted to find who they belonged to, and I just thought that was so thoughtful and generous to take the time to put a picture on Facebook and see what’s gonna happen.”