WKU students react to Breonna Taylor officer indictment

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- Yesterday it was announced that only one of the three officers involved in the shooting death of Breonna Taylor would be indicted on charges of wanton endangerment, charges unrelated to Taylor’s death.

Just a day after that indictment, people locally are voicing their frustrations. 

Hundreds of Western Kentucky University students gathered on campus Wednesday night to protest the grand jury’s decision. The peaceful protest started at Centennial Mall and they also had speakers talk about racial inequality. 

The students say their efforts don’t stop here. WNKY News talked to several students today about their reactions to the indictment and the civil rights movement overall. 

“I was completely distraught and more so the fact when they paid the family $12 million dollars to just say that ‘hey this is how much this is worth,’ you can’t put money on a life. For him to just get one for endangerment, that’s injustice. There is no justice to this. So I feel like for us as students and being young we have to keep this fight going, said activist and WKU student Michael Harris. 

“The only thing that the officer got charged for was for the bullets that hit windows and walls in error. It had nothing to do with the murder so I feel that it was very unfortunate and very heart-aching, honestly and I just pray that one day she gets justice and that we’re going to keep fighting as people,” said WKU student Jequan Owens. 

“This year has been consistently a thing of ‘oh the country can’t get any worse. We’re not gonna sink that low’ and it gets even lower over and over again. So it’s not surprising at this point but it’s still depressing to have it happen over and over again. It’s gonna be a hard fight. It’ll go past when I die and past when my kids probably die, sadly. But it’ll always keep going, it has to keep going,” said Bowling Green for Peace organizer and WKU student Derik Overstreet. 

The students we talked to today also urged people to register to vote, as they said that’s the first step towards change.