WKU student sentenced to four years behind bars after shooting and killing friend

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- A Western Kentucky University student who shot and killed his friend in 2017 was sentenced to four years in prison Wednesday morning.

Peter Gall shot and killed Alex Davis in his Kenton Street home in September 2017.

Gall entered court with his family and attorney, Alan Simpson.

Gall along with his mother and girlfriend delivered emotional testimony pleading for no prison time, and instead, probation.

The Davis family also delivered testimony, saying they will never get to spend another holiday with Alex.

The family along with Commonwealth’s Attorney, Chris Cohron, asked Judge John Grise for the four-year prison sentence.

Judge Grise ruled in favor of the Commonwealth’s sentencing request, calling the incident “an unspeakable tragedy.”

“This was a very unusual situation from the standpoint that both the defendant as well as the victim had no contact with the criminal justice system prior to this event,” said Cohron. “Just all in all, a humongous cautionary tale of what can happen when you mix alcohol and firearms.”

“I understand the Davis family wanting my client to get the longest sentence he can, but I also understand this was a horrible, tragic accident,” said Simpson. “I hate it for everybody involved. There’s no other way to say it.”

Gall will report to the Warren County Regional Jail. Simpson says he will ask for shock probation sometime in the coming months.