WKU has no plans to go remote as second semester begins

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- Today is the first day of second semester classes for Western Kentucky University students and it’s business as usual. 

David Oliver, Director of Environmental Health and Safety and Emergency Manager at WKU, says there are no new Covid guidelines on the hill. 

Oliver says students must still wear a mask indoors as it prevents the spread in classrooms and common areas. He advises to avoid crowds, particularly now with the surge and get your vaccine and booster to reduce intensity of the virus. 

Oliver said right now they have no plans for in person classes to go remote. 

“We’re working with faculty and students on a case by case basis and if they have a particular circumstance, our Dean of Students and others will work with students and our Provost and Administration will work with faculty to make accommodations for particular cases. But right now we have no plans to go remote,” said Oliver. 

WKU President Timothy Caboni also tested positive for Covid-19 today. He said he is feeling good overall and isolating for the next 5 days per CDC guidelines.