WKU employee saves life of truck driver

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- A Western Kentucky University employee saved the life of a truck driver whose blood sugar had fallen critically low. 

Charlene Meador, Environmental Services Assistant, was driving into work on an early Friday morning. She noticed a truck stopped in the roadway by the Kentucky Museum loop. The vehicle window was down and the driver was slumped over. 

Meador told WNKY News that her instinct told her something was wrong and she immediately called 911. The officers realized the man was having a medical emergency and took him to the hospital. 

The family of the man called Meador the next day and told her that his blood sugar had dropped critically low- and if it wasn’t for her efforts, the doctors said he would not have made it. Meador describes the phone call she got when she heard he was going to make it. 

“She said ‘I just want to thank you for doing what you did.’ And I said ‘well, I’m just glad he’s OK.’ And she goes, ‘he’s not just OK, you saved this guy’s life.’ She said he’s going to get to go home to his family,” said Meador. 

Meador was also recognized by the university and given an award for her life saving actions.