WKU announces free tuition for qualifying students

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- WKU’s President Timothy Caboni announced a significant scholarship for students Thursday that will have statewide impact. 

Starting fall 2021, WKU will be tuition free to any freshman from Kentucky who receives Pell Grant assistance and has at least a 3.0 cumulative unweighted high school GPA. 

“This is part of our great investment to be affordable and accessible to every student in the Commonwealth no matter those student’s or families economic condition,” said Caboni. 

The amount will be determined by in-state tuition less aid, such as Pell Grants, KEES and other institutional and gift aid. It does not include student loans which may be used for housing, books and other expenses. 

Financial circumstances make it difficult for some students to afford college but WKU wants it to be a possibility for them.

“For seniors in Kentucky, I want you to hear this. If you want to come to WKU, and you don’t come from a rich background. We’re here for you. We want you on our hill if you want to be part of the WKU family,” said Caboni. 

WKU is the largest public institution in Kentucky to make this change. It will have an impact statewide. 

WKU also says this will have an impact on recruiting freshmen. Last year’s scholarship program increased scholarship assistance for freshmen from 39 to 84 percent this fall, and increased the number of freshmen overall. 

“We’re growing our scholarship program that we announced last year which produced historical results for this fall’s class, with over 450 new freshmen because of that investment,” said Caboni. 

And they expect this to aid the state’s economic prosperity. 

“People with a college degree tend to be more engaged with their communities, be a part of their communities and be contributors to the success of their communities. So we want to be a part of that by helping them gain access to a higher education when they thought they couldn’t afford it,” said Bob Skipper, spokesman for WKU. 

The scholarship can be renewed every year if student’s meet the minimum academic requirements. For more information can be found at www.wku.edu/guarantee.