Wildlife On Wheels comes to Logan County

RUSSELLVILLE, Ky.-Some kids at the Logan County Public Library in Russellville had a wild experience.

Wildlife On Wheels, an outreach effort by the Nashville Zoo brought in some exotic creatures from all over Tennessee and parts of Kentucky.

The kids got to see snakes and other reptiles, along with opossums and more.

Through this initiative, the Nashville Zoo hopes to introduce both kids and adults to creatures they may have never seen before.

In addition, those from the Nashville Zoo say it’s a good chance to educate others on how to keep these creatures safe and plentiful.

“A lot of the animals we bring are types that kids and their parents have never seen before. That’s important to spark an interest in these guys. By learning about them, that’s when you can start doing things to help them,” said Nashville Zoo outreach specialist Jawnie Payne.

The local counties served by Wildlife on Wheels include Warren, Logan and Barren counties.