Why did some people not get Covid? Research studies looking into genetics

KENTUCKY-It’s a fascinating topic- why did some people seemingly not get Covid?

More than 100 million cases in the U.S. have been reported by the CDC, and they say it’s likely an underestimate. 

Some people who claim to never have been infected, may have had Covid and just never tested for it. Others may have been asymptomatic. 

There is a lot of research going on across the world. One proposed idea is some people have a genetic difference that protects them from infection. 

One hot area of investigation surrounds the ACE2 receptor, which is the receptor on our cells that the SARS-CoV-2 attaches to to cause an infection.

“One idea that is being investigated we don’t yet know the answer but one idea is that some people may just be genetically programmed to have a difference in this receptor that makes it hard for this virus to attach and then protects them from infection,” said Dr. Kris Bryant with Norton Children’s Infectious Diseases. 

Dr. Bryant also emphasized that vaccines work.