White Squirrel Brewery making a comeback: reopening in Gasper Brewing building

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-It’s the news many of you have been waiting for…

“You see the community response and it’s like I’m a kid again. I’m so excited again, I just can’t wait to get back out there,” said Sean Stevens. 

White Squirrel Brewery is officially coming back this April!

“We plan to bring it back bigger and better,” said Stevens, who is the founder. 

White Squirrel, which closed during the pandemic, will be acquiring Gasper Brewing’s space at 302 State Street.

“With their timeline for them to be moving into a functioning space, the only place in town, it worked out perfectly for them,” said Gasper Brewing owner Isaiah King. 

White Squirrel Brewery owners say they will keep all Gasper Brewing staff on board. They’re excited for this collaboration in the beverage industry. 

“It’s really this great coming together of two visions, two companies, two breweries,” said White Squirrel co-owner Brian Mefford. 

“It’s all about bringing the best beer possible to this community,” said King. 

They’re bringing back White Squirrel Beer favorites like the pale ale, kosch, and nut brown ale, but have some new brews up their sleeve. 

“I think we’re gonna come up with some really neat recipes to really start doing a lot more experimentation than we did at the old White Squirrel because we just didn’t have the capacity,” said Stevens. 

They’ll eventually bring food back, but will start with food trucks. 

They can’t wait to reopen their doors to the public. 

“There was a lot of wringing of hands when the announcement was made a couple years ago that the business was shutting down. Seeing the community response then and the enthusiasm now, it’s phenomenal,” said Mefford.