Where to shelter in severe weather: Warren County parks

WARREN CO., Ky. -With the potential for severe storms tonight, News 40 wants to make sure you know where safe shelters are located. 

You can find storm shelters at Warren County Parks. This includes Ephram White Park, Ed Spear Park, Phil Moore Park, Basil Griffin Park, and Michael Buchanon Park. 

The shelters are essentially an above ground bunker made out of concrete, rebar, and a specialized foam material that reinforces the structure.

Park staff are at the shelters from the time a tornado watch is issued, until the watch expires. When you get to the park, you’ll see signs leading you to the shelter and park staff in yellow vests. 

“We hope that the citizens of Warren County, residents of Warren County, know that in these shelters, they’re designed for one purpose and that purpose is to keep citizens safe during really bad weather events,” said Warren County Parks and Recreation Director Chris Kummer. 

There are first aid kits, weather radios, flashlights, and other supplies at each shelter. They do allow pets within the shelters, but they must be contained by the owners…preferably in a pet cage.

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