Where can you find COVID tests?

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – COVID tests are a little harder to come by now than they were this time last year and with a spike in cases, the need for tests have spiked.

With COVID testing sites closing down and some places no longer offering walk in testing, you may be wondering where you can get a test.

Some place are charging for tests now as well, which can be a problem for those who cannot afford the costs.

The Medical Center Urgentcare is still offering free testing for anyone who needs one and says they are not seeing an issue with supply chain.

“It’s a pretty seamless process. Again, we have not been made aware by Gravity that there’s any issue with testing or the volume of testing or anything so we feel very confident in our ability at Med Center Health to provide access to COVID testing,” said Dennis Chaney, vice president of ancillary services at Med Center Health.

A local pharmacy says getting ahold of an at home test when they first came out was fairly difficult, and for those tests, that is the case now.

“When we could get it, you know, we had to overpay for it. And then it kind of went down in demand and we could actually get some and get some for a more reasonable price. But here recently, it’s kind of back to where it was in the original rush where it’s super hard to get in super high demand,” said Darren Lacefield, a pharmacist at CDS #10 Pharmacy.

If you use an at home test, be sure to follow CDC guidelines about when to test after an exposure or when feeling ill.

“You do not have to go all the way to the back of your sinus. They’re just kind of externally in the outside of your nasal passage. Just do a few seconds each side, 15 seconds each side, before you do them there’s just a little receptacle that you put the reagent in and if you swipe that, you put it in there, and close it up and you wait for a result,” said Lacefield.

Other places are offering COVID testing such as many chain pharmacies, where typically an appointment is needed, and Sheldon’s Pharmacy, where the test will cost you around $30.

Also, the take home tests from CDS #10 cost as well, but for now, they have none in stock.