Welding students create 25-foot-tall windvane out of a plane

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-Students at Franklin Simpson High School are leaving their mark at the Blackjack Sculpture Park. 

Welding students have built a giant wind vane out of a glider plane and old light poles from their very own football field. 

The sculpture stands at 25 feet tall and is made from a 1960s Schreder Airmate HP-9. 

The junior and senior students in the welding class do a sculpture each year that teaches them hands-on skills. The park that the sculptures are in is also a huge tourist attraction for Simpson County. 

“The tourists that come through here that come to see it are amazing, I mean there’s so many pictures of people, they stop at the sculpture park and take pictures. So from a tourism aspect, we’re thrilled to have it here,” said Executive Director for Simpson County Tourism Amy Ellis. 

Other well known sculptures in Franklin that students have created include the giant ‘fork in the road’ and the horses made out of horseshoes.