“We might have to break your legs.” – Deputies race to free man from burning car

Dramatic body camera footage shows Texas deputies struggle to free injured driver trapped in burning car.

(NBC News) HOUSTON, Texas – Body camera footage shows deputies in Harris County, Texas pull a man from a burning car without a moment to spare. The rescue began when an officer heading home from his shift came across the burning car.

The driver, a 20-year-old man from Northwest Houston, was trapped inside, his right foot pinned underneath the crushed dashboard.

The deputies struggled to free the man while some used fire extinguishers to slow down the spreading flames.

Screaming in terror and pain, the man was firmly wedged and deputies could not budge the wreckage he was pinned under.

At one point, a deputy warned the man that they might have to break his legs to get him out.

Finally, after cutting the driver s pants, deputies were able to pull him to safety just before the passenger compartment became fully engulfed.

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