Water advocates look to Warren County as clean water example

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-People from across the state of Kentucky and Tennessee are in Bowling Green on Tuesday discussing how to keep our water clean.

The clean water professionals of Kentucky and Tennessee conference is taking place Tuesday and Wednesday at the Holiday Inn University Plaza in Bowling Green.

What’s being discussed there has an impact on all of us. It involves our lakes, rivers and other bodies of water and how we keep that water clean.

Specifically the conference is focusing on how to keep our local waterways clean for recreational use.

However, the Superintendent of Treatment Plants for Bowling Green Municipal Utilities said good drinking water is impacted by how clean we keep our natural water sources to begin with.

“It’s went through White House, TN; Portland, TN;Franklin, Ky. Those professionals in that area have made sure that the water that they put in there is clean. Our people at our drinking water treatment plant are able to clean the water, and put it into our pipes. Our people in Bowling Green can have assurance that their water is good quality,” said Doug Kimbler.

Kimbler also said we haven’t had any major issues with our water in the past 10 years.