Washington honors Elijah Cummings

(NBC News) Fellow lawmakers offered moving tributes Thursday to a beloved member of Congress, Elijah Cummings, who passed away last week.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called Cummings Congress’ “north star” as his family, friends and collegues gathering in Statuary Hall to pay their respects.

A champion of civil rights, collegues remembered cummings for his love of country and dedication to his hometown.

“Born and raised in Baltimore, Elijah Cummings never forgot where he came from and never lost sight of where he wanted his country to do,” Senator Chuck Schumer said.

Cummings, who served in Congress for more than 20 years, was known for his close personal relationships on both sides of the aisle.

“Perhaps this place and this country would be better served with a few more unexpected friendships,” said North Carolina Republican Mark Meadows. “I know I’ve been blessed by one, God bless you.”

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