Warrior Ridge offers veterans chance to reunite

VANCEBURG, Ky. – A Kentucky organization helps veterans find a system of bonded brothers.

Warrior Ridge was founded by Landon Bentley, who says that veterans like himself often come home and tend to lose touch.

That’s why they offer events to reunite teams who served with each other and give them a relaxing environment.

From kayaking and horse riding to hiking and fishing, there’s something for everyone to make sure they have a group of friends to spend time with.

One veterans says he is excited to reunite with his team and that there’s no other organization like Warrior Ridge.

“There are 30,000 different VET organizations, but not one of them is doing what he does, what Warrior Ridge does, what Warrior Ridge offers, and the fact that we’re not getting support is probably the worst thing about being a vet,” Buddy Hamilton says.

To learn more about what Warrior Ridge has to offer, visit their website: warriorridge.org.