Warren Elementary receives grant to purchase diverse books

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – A local school is excited to announce that they received a grant for more diverse books.

Warren Elementary’s library applied for Dollar General’s Youth Literacy Grant and will be receiving $2,000 to purchase new books.

These books will be focused on diversity.

Warren Elementary has students from 24 different countries that speak at least 15 languages.

Some of the children from different countries don’t have books in the library with a kid like them in it.

While librarian Brandy Adams, says the classics are important, having a large variety of choices for the students is just as important.

“When students come into our library, I want them to see themselves in the characters of our stories and to be able to do that, we need to provide books for them that represent all the different cultures. We want them to come in and see children of different nationalities, children that their skin color is different, that they speak a different language and I want the library books to reflect the same diversity that’s in our classrooms,” said Adams.

Adams is excited to see these books make their way into her library.

The books should be on the shelves in a few months.