Warren County Teen Court Program training session complete. Cases to begin in January

BOWLING GREEN Ky.-Warren district judge Kim Geoghegan has brought a new program to the county, and the first step in getting it rolling took place this past weekend.

The Kentucky Teen Court program is meant to give area high school students interested in the legal profession the chance to get involved themselves. The training session was held on Saturday November 20.

In the training session, students learned more about legal terminology, how cases work, and general courtroom etiquette. There was a mock trial as well. Students will have a chance to try their hand at several different positions. These are real cases involving their peers for first time, non-violent offenses.

Judge Geoghegan says the high turnout to the training equals a bright future for the legal profession.

“The teen court members will actually serve as jurors, prosecutors, defense attorneys, bailiffs, and court clerks. It’s a great experience for them to participate in a real case in an actual courtroom in Warren County. It’s exciting to see so many students interested in pursuing a career in the legal profession. I think we have some aspiring attorneys in our audience,” Geohegan.

The swearing in ceremony will be November 30 at 6 pm. After that, cases will begin in January.