Warren County Sheriff’s Office will utilize civilians for their CSI team

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The Warren County Sheriff’s Office is excited to announce a new program within their department.

The Crime Scene Investigation Team is changing up a little bit, and with it, the sheriff’s office will be able to better solve and collect evidence for crimes.

When the program goes live, instead of having several deputies collect and tag evidence, one deputy will oversee trained civilians in that process instead.

These civilian’s are a team of currently employed individuals inside of the sheriff’s office such as court bailiffs and 9-1-1 operators who already have a basic understanding of law enforcement.

“In the idea behind this is a force multiplier to use other people who could be trained in the same realm and so while they are collecting and being overseen by our detective division then you have your deputies who aren’t having to be used collecting bagging and tagging and helping with the security at that scene”

They will be trained and prepped over the next several months and, after selection and training is completed, the team will be formed to assist in critical cases, according to Deputy Chief Kevin Wiles.

“This month, sort of figure out who is serious about this and who really wants to do it, and from that point we’ll sort of build the foundation on actually getting some training in and hopefully this fall we’ll actually have them stood up as a team that can then respond as needed,” Wiles said.

Wiles says the team should be functioning by the end of the year.

Hightower says he got the idea after working with the FBI on a case and seeing the feds operate in a similar fashion.