Warren County Sheriff reacts to Nashville shooting- what would we do here?

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-Many people today praising Nashville law enforcement for their swift response…. it’s something our local law enforcement officers say they can learn from.

News 40 talked to Warren County Sheriff Brett Hightower about our community’s plan of action in the case of a situation like this.

Hightower said the Warren County Sheriff’s Office is always evaluating their responses to particular situations and how they can improve.

He is constantly studying other school shooting cases to see how their law enforcement responded. 

The Warren County Sheriff’s office trains regularly with school resource officers, city police, state police, and Western Kentucky University police. 

“Watching the video of how Nashville responded was the most appropriate action because you want to stop the threat as soon as you possibly can. And we’ve seen other situations unfold across the United States that haven’t ended as this one did, as quickly as this one did,” said Hightower. 

Hightower said time matters, every second could be another life lost. 

In past years, law enforcement would wait for a special response team, now they act right when they get to the scene, saving precious time.