Warren County Public Schools considers rezoning

WARREN CO., Ky.- The Warren County Public School system is planning to redraw school zoning boundaries this spring, with exact lines to be determined. 

WNKY News spoke with Chris McIntyre, Chief Financial Officer of WCPS about the rezoning. 

McIntyre said the main reason behind the redistricting is the growth in the city of Bowling Green. Since the 2013/2014 school year there has been an increase of approximately 2,600 students in the district. That equates to roughly 440 new students per year. With the pandemic, the schools expect to see more enrollment once it’s over. 

“We’re trying to prepare the best we can for the influx of the additional students. Post-pandemic we feel like we’re going to start seeing our numbers increase again to the right,” said McIntyre. 

There also has been major economic development and creation of more manufacturing companies in the area, bringing more jobs and people to the city. 

“It’s not only the growth of the past few years it’s also the developments that are currently under construction within some of our areas. So what we try to do is maximize our facilities to provide the best education opportunities for students and staff,” said McIntyre.

Another reasoning is the anticipated opening of the new Cumberland Trace Elementary School in August. Principal Wes Cottongim said they can’t wait for this new opportunity. 

“It could make people anxious as a parent and as a student. But I could tell you this, Cumberland Trace is a wonderful place. And we’re going to do everything that we can to make sure we make people feel welcome, including, involving, creating those opportunities,” said Cottongim.

They hope to have the finalized school zones done by February 2021.