Warren County Agriculture hosts district hemp meeting

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Hemp is one of the fastest growing industries in Kentucky.

That being said, many people interested in getting involved in the business have many questions about hemp and the regulations connected with growing it.

On Wednesday, Warren County Agriculture hosted a district hemp meeting for the first time.

During the meeting, topics discussed included an update on the 2018 Farm Bill, 2019 hemp production considerations, hemp economics, hemp application process and any other questions attendees may have had.

Simpson County Agent for Agriculture and Natural Resources Jason Phillips, who helped arrange the meeting, said these types of forums not only help the guests that attend, but also the officials who get a better understanding about what specifically people are confused about when it comes to the hemp industry.

“A lot of times folks will have a question, but they’re afraid to ask,” said Phillips. “When we have meetings like this, it seems people open up and they talk a little bit more. Then we can find out, hey, maybe we thought they were clear in this area, but maybe they’re not. Let’s focus a little bit more on that.”

Phillips added that they expect to hold more meetings like this in the future as the hemp industry continues to expand in Kentucky.