Violent Chicago Looting Ends With 100 Arrests

City officials say an rumors surrounding an earlier police shoot-out with a 20-year-old suspect triggered the melee that destroyed businesses in the "Magnificent Mile" shopping district. NBC's Jay Gray reports.

CHICAGO, Ill. (NBC News) — A night of looting in Chicago’s “Magnificent Mile” upscale shopping district ended with dozens of businesses ransacked, 100 people arrested and 13 police officers recovering from injuries Monday.

The violence was apparently sparked by an earlier shoot-out between police and a 20-year-old suspect.

After the shooting a crowd gathered at the scene.

“Tempers flared, fueled by misinformation,” Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown said afterward.

Rumors spread that officers had fired on an unarmed child, leading to the melee downtown.

“This was an assault on our city,” Mayor Lori Lightfoot said. “To those who engaged in this criminal behavior, lets be clear, we are coming for you.”

Dozens of suspects are now facing charges that include looting, disorderly conduct, and battery against police.

The looting is the latest incident in a violent trend in the city. In just the last seven days nine Chicago Police officers have been shot. This weekend there were at least 31 shootings, including three murders.

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