United Way of Southern Kentucky announces COVID-19 Crisis Recovery Fund

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- In response to the coronavirus pandemic, United Way of Southern Kentucky has announced the establishment of COVID-19 Community Response Crisis Recovery Fund.

The fund will help the most vulnerable populations in south central Kentucky receive critical financial and social service support during the global crisis, according to a news release from United Way.

“Our community is facing a time unlike it has ever seen before and the needs are growing exponentially day by day and we know that many people want a way to address the needs that are going on in the community,” said Debbie Hill, the President and CEO of the United Way of Southern Kentucky.

The money from the fund will benefit food pantries, mental health agencies, rent and utility support for low income families and education.

“They are not able to pay bills. They are not able to put food on the table and for those of us that haven’t been impacted and we go home to a home and we have a meal to put on the table. If we all could just share a little bit with those who aren’t able to do that right now it would make a tremendous difference for everyone,” said Hill.

The fund has already received a $13,000 donation from Meijer, Inc.

One way a t-shirt business decided to help was to donate the proceeds of one of their t-shirts, according to Blue Cotton’s CEO, Mike Coffey.

“We came up with a Team Kentucky T-shirt which is what Governor Beshear talks about every day,” said Coffey.

Coffey says he wanted to partner with the United Way because he cares about the community around him.

“You just want to help. You want to help people that you are close to. It’s just neighbors helping neighbors and that is just what we are trying to do,” said Coffey.

Donations to the COVID-19 Community Response and Crisis Recovery Fund can be made by visiting:  www.uwsk.org OR by mailing a check to the United Way office at:
P. O. Box 3330, Bowling Green, KY, 42102-3330, OR by calling the United Way office at 270-843-3205.