U.S. Senate hopeful Charles Booker visits WKU

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- Thursday afternoon, U.S. Senate hopeful Charles Booker stopped by the campus of Western Kentucky University. 

Running as a Democrat, he is looking to unseat Republican Senator Rand Paul.

He said he’s usually one of the youngest in the room in the political space, and it’s important to hear this generation of voices. He talked to students about his key initiatives in his campaign, including his phrase of standing together, from the hood to the holler. 

He says he grew up in a community that faced the struggle of poverty, which gives him motivation to help all Kentuckians. 

“My struggle and the things that I’ve experienced really inform why I fight for what I fight for and when I go across Kentucky and talk to various communities regardless of party, they understand that sincerity and see the common bonds. And it’s allowing us to build a big coalition so that we’re not dealing with the national talking points or the wedge that divides folks but we’re dealing with real issues that people are facing,” said Booker. 

Booker said to expect him back on the campus of WKU sometime later this year.