Two men run over 230 miles for a cause

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Two men are embarking on a journey running over 230 miles for a cause.

Paul Collins and Brent Sanford plan to run through 10 counties in just four days.

After the annual Mud Run fundraiser for the Family Enrichment Center in Bowling Green was cancelled, Sanford had an idea to try to raise money for the non-profit.

Taking off from Fountain Square Park in downtown Bowling Green Tuesday night, these men plan to run through all 10 counties of South-Central Kentucky which the non-profit serves.

Sanford is a foster parent and is thankful for the center’s resources.

“As a foster parent, well first of all, you don’t know what you are doing when you first start even though you take classes, it’s a whole new ball game.  We have two kids of our own, but these kids are from a different environment. You have to handle them a little differently and so it’s nice to have that extra support and training,” said Sanford.

The purpose of this lengthy journey is to bring community awareness to the Family Enrichment Center programs and services that help the children and families in our region.

Collins saying he actually likes taking on such a huge challenge.

“We actually enjoy it. It’s kind of fun to, you know, find an adventure. You don’t have to travel the word to do something interesting and different. It challenges us to see if we can do it,” said Collins.

And pushing his body and mind is exciting to Sanford.

“Regardless of the suffering that we will go through during the time, all that is a challenge. To me, it’s a good thing to challenge yourself and push yourself,” said Sanford.

This 234-mile journey run through the area has officially been named the SOKY Circuit 230 and will end on Saturday right where it began.

Donations to support the Family Enrichment Center and its programs can me made online by visiting this link.

To keep up with their progress, follow their live tracker here.