Tornado victims see new “Build Blitz” homes with Governor Beshear

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-It’s the beginning of a new future for some tornado victims in Bowling Green. 

“We were badly damaged by the December tornado that hit and we’ve been staying in a temporary rental house,” said Maryam Sourial. 

Habitat for Humanity unveiled their Build Blitz homes to families today. 

One of the families lived in the Creekwood area, losing their home and leaving their father permanently injured.” 

“My father was injured very badly at that time, as well as me and my other siblings,” said Ahmed Hadi. 

They’ve been bouncing around since then and now the son has bought this house for the family 

“This is a very great opportunity for us and we’re just very excited for sure,” said Hadi. 

Another recipient said if not for this home, she was thinking of moving to a more affordable area. 

“I’m excited for the opportunity to get a house because I’m a single mom with two daughters,” said Brooke Ortiz. 

And Governor Beshear was there to congratulate the new homeowners.

“Look at where we are less than a year later with these families back under a roof, rebuilding their lives, this is what every single Kentucky family deserves, it feels pretty good,” said Gov. Beshear. 

One girl may be a little more excited for what she’s going to get once they’re settled into their new home. 

“What are you most excited about with this new house?” asked News 40 reporter Lexi Schweinert

“Getting a puppy,” said Maryam’s little sister.