Tips to check insurance policy for dorm items at WKU

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The first week of classes have started on the Hill, but having your class materials isn’t the only important thing students should do.

“There’s the usual got-to-have sheets and towels, got to have a laptop, all of those things. But it’s very important for parents to remember they want to check their insurance policies before they send their children off to college, especially if they are living on campus,” Lynda Lambert with AAA East Central says.

It’s not just checking your policy either. Students and parents should make sure their plan covers as much as possible.

“We highly recommend that students purchase renters’ insurance while they are living in the dorms. It covers personal items that could be damaged or stolen, that could be damaged because of a busted pipe or any kind of a water leak that could happen in your dorm room,” Melissa Bailey, public information officer with the WKU Police Department, says.

One of the major problems on campus in the last few years has been mold in the dorms. Renters’ insurance has your back there too.

“If there were some damages to your electronics or any kind of property due to air conditioning leaks and that has caused things to mold inside your dorm, those would be covered under renters’ insurance,” Bailey says.

She also says to make sure your policy covers any electronics, such as laptops or cameras that are expensive.

“Anything like that that is a high dollar amount. Make sure that you have renters’ insurance so that those items are covered in case of an issue inside your dorm or if you are a victim of a theft or a burglary in your dorm room,” Bailey says.