Tinkergarten at Lost River

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The Lost River cave is a well known spot in the Bowling Green community and has been a popular venue for decades. They host boat tours and a variety of other things throughout the warmer months of the year.This coming September, they will be opening up to yet another group looking to utilize all the space it has to offer.

A program called Tinkergarten will be taking place in the park’s unique play space for children ages 1 and a half to 8 years old. Flora Nye, a Tinkergarten leader, said in her interview with News 40 she took the opportunity because she felt it was something needed in the community after being cooped up with COVID and the tragedies that were the tornadoes of last December.

Nye also added that these classes are play based and highly encourage kids to use their creativity to complete different tasks. Her classes will begin in September on Wednesday and Saturday mornings. If you are interested in learning more about Tinkergarten, head to their website at https://tinkergarten.com/.