Throwback Thursday – Ghosts of the Middle Bridge Ruins

Approaching the full blue moon on Halloween night this week, Throwback Thursday shares legends of the ghosts of Middle Bridge in Bowling Green. Over the past 70 or so years, these terrorizing tales can be found in many sources, like Lynwood Montell’s book Ghosts Across Kentucky, the Urban Legends of the Barrens website, and in the WKU Special Collections archives of the Folk Studies department.

Middle Bridge Road is now divided into sections and in ruins. What was once a busy bridge on the bluffs of Drakes Creek, washed away in the 1970s and was never rebuilt. Middle Bridge Road was farmland on the southeastern outskirts of the city, weaving toward Lovers Lane.

They say a girl was raped and murdered in the 1950s on Middle Bridge, by a group of WKU boys. Anytime a couple parked near the old bridge, the ghost of the girl would come to the car to see if this is one of the boys who killed her. Fred Fenimore, president of the WKU Interfraternity Council at the time, verified that a light followed him down that particular bridge hill one night at two in the morning.

Three WKU professors in the 1960s hunted for the ghost, studying philosophy and psychology, reporting a light followed their car and made it vibrate on the road when it wouldn’t start, a presence that drove the dog with them into a panicked paranormal frenzy, and the light taking the shape of a girl as it crossed the bridge.

Locals from those days also say a young girl died falling out of the back door of a car crossing the bridge. Farmers never worked past dark, as the bewitching hour brought her presence to life. One man swears there was a wild wind blowing only the trees at the old bridge one night, and he jumped off his tractor to run home, never working after dark again.

Many locals have driven down the now blocked Middle Bridge Road, hoping to catch ghostly glimpses.