Throwback Thursday – Delafield’s Little Rock Church

Delafield is one of Bowling Green’s nearby historic communities. In the northwestern area of Warren County, the Little Rock Church still sits on Boatlanding Road. Built over 120 years ago, this church is the centerpiece of what remains of old Delafield.

Construction of Little Rock Church began in the 1890s. The idea to build was proposed by members of the First Presbyterian Church in Bowling Green. Churchgoers supported education at the old Delafield schoolhouse, but felt the area needed a local Sunday school.

A few small churches existed in northern Warren County in the 1880s, but these First Presbyterian churchgoers decided to establish a mission church here. Funds and labor to build were donated and Little Rock Church was complete by 1899.

Visitors notice the unusual architecture that was unlike most all other churches at the time. The large arches for windows and the opposing wooden porch entrances were attention-grabbing.

The Delafield area’s economy was heavily based on the industry and factories along the Barren River and railroad. As Bowling Green’s commerce shifted south and eastward as the city grew, the community started shrinking.

The church continued offering services until the 1970s, but no longer fully operates. For the past 40 years, the church has housed everything from immigrant congregations to non-profit activities. Hotel Inc. has even used the Sunday school area.

Find out more about the old Delafield community on the historic marker in front of Little Rock Church. The area is walkable and still shows signs of Bowling Green life in the early 20th century.