Throwback Thursday – Celebrating over 35 years of the Christmas Tour of Homes

It’s the dawn of the holiday season and several things may look a little bit different this year. One of Bowling Green’s most beloved traditions is the Landmark Association’s annual Christmas Tour of Homes. While this year’s event will not take place directly inside these historic locations and we’ll share more on that later, we thought it would be fun to share the event’s unique local history.

The event began more than 35 years ago. The historic homes and buildings it features paint a picture of old Bowling Green from eras gone by. The very first Christmas tour was in 1984. The association wanted to showcase the ornate significance of a historic home decorated for the holiday season, so it held tours of June Rose Garrott’s house at 1340 College Street. The event received such praise that the association held more single home tours for the next few years.

Landmark Association began adding tours of multiple homes to this annual event in 1987, with five historic downtown locations on the map, including the Landmark Association office itself. By the late 1990s, more than half a dozen locations filled each annual tour day. The association would sometimes theme the event around a certain type of architectural style or focus on a single street downtown.

Tour attendance has grown very popular over the years. From a single home with a few couples to more than six locations and nearly 400 people, the Landmark Association’s mission to educate and share local history is being accomplished. For this year’s unique tour of homes event in December, the Landmark Association is inviting people with homes more than 50 years old to enter an exterior decorating contest with locals voting on the winner.

Find out more about this year’s drive by tour on the Landmark Association’s social media.