Throwback Thursday – Academic Complex at WKU

This week Throwback Thursday is on the main campus of Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green. A building in the heart of campus is nearing its 50-year anniversary. We’re taking a closer look at the history of the Academic Complex.

Designed by Owensboro-based architects Johnson and St. Clair, the Academic Complex was drawn up in late 1967. According to a July issue of the Bowling Green Daily News, the WKU Board of Regents called for bids on this new academic clinic in the summer of 1967. The building would be the home of Economics, Educational Television, Health and much more.

Late 1960s America was full of innovation with space age goals. The complex was an example of mid-century modernism and echoed sounds of the future. With cutting edge technology to be the campus home of broadcasting, students were given opportunities to learn with the latest technologies. 

At over 118-thousand square feet, which included an expansion the Board of Regents approved after the initial bid, the total cost of construction totaled $2.7 million at completion. The Academic Complex was officially dedicated 49 years ago in October of 1970. 

Academic Complex has been home to a diverse of departments ever since. It currently houses the College of Health & Human Services and is the main hub of WKU Public Broadcasting.