Throwback Thursday – A 1971 Weekend in Bowling Green

The year is 1971—exactly 50 years ago. Throwback Thursday is ready for the weekend in Bowling Green. Most of the action around town revolved around Western Kentucky University, downtown department stores, and the “new” Bowling Green Mall on Campbell Lane—which just opened a few years ago in 1967.

Friday night dates could be special at any of the local restaurants. The Boat Dock Restaurant on Boatlanding Road was known for its seafood and catfish. Patrons can get their own commemorative match book. Or if you’re into turf over the surf, the Bonanza Sirloin Pit has a special this weekend. Don’t forget Smoky Pig BBQ, they’re even giving away cartons of RC Cola.

There may be some fun live entertainment this weekend too. The Catacombs coffee house at the Newman Center just off campus usually has some live music and poetry readings. Diddle Arena has hosted some great performances this year too like Neil Diamond and The Temptations. But after the show, we have to stop at Ray’s Drive-In for a late night burger and snacks. They’re open 24 hours now.

Saturdays are for running errands. I need to stop at the Woolco department store to see one of those new portable record players. But Radio Shack at the mall probably has a good deal on them too. We can have lunch at the William Talley House Cafeteria while we’re there—they have meat loaf on Saturdays.

Western’s Topper basketball team is playing tonight. They’re really good this year. The tops went on to win third place in the NCAA tournament in 1971. Can’t decide what to do for dinner though—we won’t have much time before the game. We should probably do one of those new fast food chains like McDonald’s or Long John Silvers.

Have you heard KFC has new “extra crispy” chicken? Let’s get a bucket on Sunday and visit the new Downing University Center on campus. I heard it’s even got a movie theatre. Bowling Green’s really growing since the interstate came thru here five years ago.