Throwback Thursday – 95 Years of WKU Student Publications, Part 1: College Heights Herald

Throwback Thursday is a little different for the next couple of weeks. We’re at the Student Publications office at Western Kentucky University. Many of the faces that come and go from the WNKY studio are alumni of this school. 

Given the recent name change from WKU School of Journalism & Broadcasting to School of Media, we thought it would be fun to celebrate the 95-year history of its two publications, the College Heights Herald and the Talisman. The first of a two-part series, let’s take a look back at the Herald.

The WKU Student Publications website lists all the names of former Editors-in-Chief. Going back 94 years, the very first Herald Editor was Frances Richards in 1925. A student-run news organization, the Herald is an example of real-life newsroom experience and revenue generating for a newspaper. 

Over the years, the Herald has received 17 Pacemaker awards, which is a top honor for student publications. During the academic year, the Herald is printed once a week and distributed at over 100 locations across Bowling Green, plus published 24 hours a day with campus news online. 

The Herald is the main source of news for the WKU community, giving voices to students, staff, and alumni. Students in the School of Media fine-tune their skills at Jody Richards Hall, formerly known as Mass Media & Technology Hall.

The Herald has been rebranded and formatted differently over the years. Like the state of the newspaper industry, it has also been an evolving medium that’s adapted to changing technologies and diverse platforms. The Fall 2019 Editor-in-Chief is Jeremy Chisenhall. Follow the Herald social media for immediate updates and WKU news.