Thermal body temperature scanners making their way into Bowling Green

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- A local small business is excited to announce their new product that may help slow the spread of COVID-19: thermal body temperature scanners.

The product is a new mobile elevated body-temperature thermal imaging scanner, similar to the heat-sensing cameras used to check for energy efficiency in buildings.

But those cameras are actually a slightly different device than the elevated body temperature thermal imaging.

Thermographers, like John Harnage, use these cameras to check for a wide range of temperatures, making small changes harder to distinguish.

But, according to Harnage, these new mobile new elevated body temperature thermal imaging scanners are being assembled in Bowling Green and are much more accurate than other similar devices.

These scanners will be making their way into local health care facilities in just a few weeks.

WNKY will follow up on the scanners as they make their way into the community.