The Salvation Army discusses inflation’s effects on food banks

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – With gas prices and food prices increasing due to inflation, The Salvation Army has been finding a way to continue to serve our community.

Monday through Friday, people come in waves to be served a hot meal.

Captain Monica Horton of The Salvation Army Bowling Green described how inflation has not only affected our community, but also the services they provide to our area.

“More people are coming to our soup kitchen to eat, you know, we are having to provide and cook more food, and of course that also costs us more money, so it’s just a trickle down effect. When the community is in need, we’re needed more, so our services have increased for sure,” said Horton.

If you wish to help, you can donate to benefit The Salvation Army Food Bank by reaching out to The Salvation Army Bowling Green.