Historic RailPark and Train Museum hosts annual BG Wine Fest

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The Historic RailPark and Train Museum hosted the annual BG Wine Fest over the weekend.

BG Wine Fest is the only sanctioned wine festival in Bowling Green and the event hosted 10 different vineyards.

The Rail Park is partnered with the Kentucky Winery Association to help both the museum and the vineyards from across Southcentral Kentucky.

“We have a couple of repeats that come back every year. Some crowd favorites like Purple Toad, 1922 House Vineyards, and Rising Sons. But then we also welcome new people every year,” Executive Director of the Rail Park, Jamie Johnson stated. “So that’s something that’s a little bit exciting for the people that come back year over year. I mean, every year we see people that have been here every time and they’re always excited to see their favorites, but they like to try something new.”