The Foundry hosting stress relief and fun for displaced families

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – A local preschool has opened their doors to kids in the community for free fun, food and hair braiding to help destress following the tornadoes.

Tragedy can spark a lot of stress for both adults and children.

So, The Foundry in Bowling Green is hosting a stress relief event Mondays through Thursdays until school starts back.

Aaliyah Davis, a teacher at the Foundry, has been having a blast with the kids.

“I thought this will be a great opportunity because I was just trying to figure a way that I can give back to the community and see in what way I could help the families that have lost everything. We know that everyone struggles daily and just to lose everything is very heartbreaking. So just trying to open up our doors to serve those families and having dedicated volunteers to come and be here and run the facilities and make all this happen is wonderful,” said Aaliyah Davis.

For Wednesday and Thursday, Davis’ sister, Tylica Davis, from Lexington is in town offering her services for children impacted by the storms.

“She was like, ‘Well, can I come do hair?’ and I said ‘Of course!’ So her and her barber were supposed to come down. Unfortunately, he couldn’t come because he had to work, he got called into work late, but those kids have been directed to other barbers that are going to serve them for free,” said Aaliyah Davis.

Tylica’s daughter, Kayleeana McLaughlin, came along with her and is helping her mom do hair.

She says she is glad to be involved in bringing a little joy to Bowling Green.

“I wanted them to have a smile on their face and stuff and them to be happy and not scared and stuff and to like make them feel safe and stuff,” said Kayleeana.

Buses are picking up children from some of the local hotels to provide rides for displaced families or parents can drive themselves to the Foundry from 2:00 until 6:00 on Monday through Thursday this week and next.