The Capitol is fundraising by lighting their marquee for Christmas

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – If you’re a fan of books, the library and Christmas, then the capitol arts theater is right up your alley.

Over the next month, the Warren County Public Library will be hosting several free events at the capitol and are inviting you out to attend the Christmas fun.

You may have noticed lights are switching colors at The Capitol.

Well, that is because the library is hosting a fundraiser to raise money for some renovations.

“Some of the rigging for the curtains on stage need to be replaced as well as the floor of the stage needs to have some renovation work done to it. Once again, old building, old problems. Nothing has really been done to the interior of this building or the equipment since the early 80s,” said Jennifer Bailey, marketing and communication manager for WCPL.

Every event at The Capitol hosted by the Warren County Public Library is free and to keep the area nice and up to date, they need your help.

You can purchase one red or green light to put under the marquee out front for $25 or five for $100.

The goal is to have all of the lights switched over to red and green lights for Christmas time.

Some of those free events are coming up in December.

“December 21 is the Fourth Annual Celtic Celebration of the Winter Solstice. So we’re really excited to be hosting that again. That is completely free to the public, lots of Celtic music enter twined with some poetry and readings. My favorite part at the end of the solstice concert is when we all exit the building behind the bag pipe players and just kind of march around the Square. It’s so much fun,” said Bailey.

The Capitol is also home to the new used bookstore, run by Friends of the Library.

Volunteer Cindy Rider said she loves helping get books in people’s hands.

“I was a teacher for 40 years, so that’s my passion to to get kids to read and adults to, I don’t know, expand your horizons and just enjoy reading. I was talking with someone earlier that if a book doesn’t grab me, I put it up and find another one. That’s the joy of here, you can find hundreds of books here,” said Rider.

Other free event coming up is a visit from the Grinch, a visit from Santa and movie showings.

They also have some paid events being put on by outside entities inside of the building soon as well, including some well-known Tiktokers coming to perform.