TB Promotions $100k Bracket Race takes over Beech Bend Raceway with 400+ racecars

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Over 400 Big Money Drag Racers are burning rubber at Beech Bend Raceway this weekend.

TB Promotions $100k Big Money Bracket Race has brought some of the toughest racecar drivers, including some traveling NHRA Pros, here to SoKY.

“It’s very exciting to be back in a place like this, to do something that’s really interesting,” said announcer PJ North. “This facility hasn’t really had an outside event bracket racing probably close to 10 to 15 years. To bring something like the TB Promotions here is a huge deal, because it’s one of the best facilities in the country that everybody loves to go to.”

Multi-time world champion racer Jeg Coughlin Jr. explained that, “Everybody races: door cars against door cars, dragsters against dragsters. And then as we approach the final 16 cars out of 400 plus cars, then they’ll put us on a ladder and we’ll duke it out to see who goes the full distance.”

Race lovers come on down this weekend to enjoy the models, giveaways, and the sound of rubber versus asphalt all weekend long.

“You’ll see dragsters, you’ll see some roadsters, you’ll see some full body cars from the 68 Camaros to the 67 Chevy II, like I have,” continued Coughlin. “There are makes and models of all sorts. And now we’re all here with one goal in mind, and that is to win the final prize on Saturday night.”

TB Promotions $100k ends with a bang this weekend, so plan to head down for Saturday’s car show, burnout competitions, wheel stands, and grand fireworks finale.

“I have a lot of great memories here on the grounds, and to add our name to the $100k winner come Saturday would be outstanding,” said Coughlin.