‘Suits for Seniors’: WKU football alumni pay it forward

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-The oldest Western Kentucky University football players were a little more dressed up than usual on senior day. 

“I just felt like a kid in a candy shop going to pick out a suit that day,” said defensive back Dominique Bradshaw. 

WKU football alumni made ‘Suits for Seniors’ happen. 

“Everything that we wanted from the inside color of our jackets to how tight we wanted our pants, everything was on us,” said Bradshaw. 

Tailors from FHG Clothiers, also owned by a WKU alum, came in two weeks before the last home game. The players were fitted for measurements and gave their preferences for a brand new suit. 

“The suit itself is monogrammed, has their number in it, has their name on the lapel, and it’s really cool. They walk out of there, they’re excited about it and when they get the suit they feel good about themselves,” said WKU football alum Tim Ford. 

The idea was actually started by Coach Tyson Helton a few years ago when he came into the program. Since then, football alumni have taken over and cover the costs of the suits for the players

“It’s become a bit of a thing with the seniors, now they’ll see me sometimes and go ‘hey I get my suit this year’,” said Ford. 

The alumni know firsthand how hard it can be to transition from football to the next stage of life. 

“Many of us can sit back and say, well you know, I remember being at that point and nobody really did anything for me,” said Ford. 

It’s something these seniors will never forget. 

“I don’t know how I can put it into words, just knowing I have a suit now. They’re basically preparing us for a future, after football, our next interview , a job or anything you already have a suit for,” said Bradshaw.