Study shows the food insecure people in Warren County need an extra $41 a month just to eat

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – A new study shows that people facing hunger in Warren County report needing an additional $41 per month for food.

Feeding America, Kentucky’s Heartland shows that the food insecurity rate is close to 15 percent.  Their study covers 22 counties including Central, Western, and South Central Kentucky.

In Warren county alone, over 13 percent of the population are food insecure.

Bowling Green’s Hope House helps people here in town with a number of needs. Public Relations Manager Casey Rice says that food insecurity isn’t as cut and dry issue as people may see from the outside looking in. 

“Food insecurity is really rooted in deeper issues that we try to address as well in addition to just providing food for people who are in need,” Rice said.

Feeding America’s survey shows that one in five children in the Feeding America, Kentucky’s Heartland area are food insecure. 

The 2019 survey shows that 31 percent of Kentucky residents who live in food-insecure homes are most likely ineligible for federal nutrition programs.

The Salvation Army in Bowling Green has also seen a rise in the number of people in need of food ever since the pandemic. Commanding Officer Richard Watts says that children are experiencing food insecurity right along with their parents in Bowling Green.

“We have seen a large number increase in the number of children, families with children and so forth. We are seeing larger families trying to make ends meet,” Watt said.